Sharelink Securities and Financial Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of SFS Group Public Company Limited, is one of the leading providers of financial services in Cyprus. Sharelink has been a member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (the “CSE”) since 1996 and is licensed to offer investment and ancillary services by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (the “CySEC”) since May 2003 (when the relevant law N.148(I)/02 was put into effect) with license number 14/03.

Since September 2006, Sharelink is also a member of the Athens Stock Exchange (“ASE”) and since October 2011 a member of the XNET international trading platform (the “XNET”).

Since August 2012 Sharelink is also a member of the Athens Derivatives Exchange (the “ADEX”).


Our Vision

To be the preferred financial service provider in creating lasting value


Our Mission

Through our high caliber professionals, we join forces with our clients to meet their investment goals, by offering immediate and innovative financial solutions in Brokerage, Investment Banking, and Advisory Services.