Updating of client information

According to relevant law, and in order to be able to continue providing you with our services, the data and information that you have submitted at the account opening stage, must remain updated, current and valid at all times. Thus, we urge all of our clients, to inform us in case of any changes and to provide the relevant documentation where needed. Additionally, we urge our clients to provide us with their email, which will facilitate faster, simpler, and more efficient communication.

Examples of information/documentation that may change from time to time and updates that will therefore be needed are:

  • For natural persons:

    • Change of residential address, Expiry and Renewal of ID card/passport, Change of employment address, Change of telephone number, etc.

    • The new documents must be provided in an acceptable, certified form.

  • For legal entities:

    • Change of registered office, Change of directors/secretary, Change of shareholders whether these are corporate or natural persons, Change of authorized persons to provide instructions, etc.

    • In relation to new beneficial owners, directors and authorized persons, changes of residential address and personal identification documentation should also be notified to us, and the new documents must be provided in an acceptable, certified form.

Relevant forms for the facilitation of updating your client details for natural and legal persons can be found below. Our Client Service Officers remain at your disposal for any further clarifications and assistance you may need.

Natural Person

Legal Entity