• Safe-keeping of the clients’ Financial Instruments and cash,
  • The administration of their portfolios and accounts opened for safekeeping clients’ assets, including record keeping and reconciliation activities,
  • The preparation of portfolio reports,
  • Notification of related corporate actions, that affect the financial instruments held on behalf of the clients and registered in the name of Sharelink or a custodian selected by Sharelink,
  • Collection of dividends and/or other income derived from the financial instruments held on behalf of the client,
  • Provision of proxy services to enable the client to exercise his voting rights attached to the financial instruments held on his behalf, and
  • The release and delivery of assets to the client or another custodian (depending on the type of instrument and market), pursuant to the instructions of the client.

Depending on the market's rules and the custodian, we will register the clients’ assets either in the name of the client or in an omnibus account, with asset segregation performed either at the custodian level and/ or at Sharelink level.