NAP Regulatory Compliance Services Ltd has been created having the needs and concerns of the providers of investment services and listed issuers in mind. The majority of the Cypriot Investment Firms (“CIFs”) have been recently licensed and often come across complex issues of regulation and supervision, and listed issuers are faced with ever increasing transparency obligations.  The landscape of the provision of investment services in and from Cyprus is rapidly changing, with the emergence of FX, Automated or Algorithmic Trading, High-Frequency Trading and Binary Trading, between others-developments virtually unknown 10 or even 7 years ago.

NAP, is well placed to provide tailor-made, outsourcing solutions for the compliance function of CIFs and listed issuers in line with the regulatory requirements, and/or provide hands-on, expert advice, not simply on the state of the law, but how can the law be applied on a given situation. 

Prudens Limited is comprised of a team of trained and specialised professionals who are ready to provide you with customised corporate, fiduciary and accounting services. Our team offers clients advice on tax issues and restructuring corporations and even personal wealth. Solutions are offered in various jurisdictions, selecting the one that will most suit our client’s needs.

Marina Shiammouti LLC is a law firm based in Nicosia. Our values make us what we are. They are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services delivering cost effective solutions in an efficient, professional and businesslike manner.

“Our mission, your success.
Our practice, your solution.”

ADM Audit Trust Limited is an independent audit firm based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Our client base consists of both local and international companies, as well as private individuals.

ADM is committed to delivering premium quality services to all clients in order to satisfy their increasing needs in today's competitive business environment. In order to offer effective business solutions, our specialist team combines an innovative approach together with considerable expertise and solid technical knowledge in their field.

SFS Group Public Company Ltd was founded in 1988 as a stock broking partnership and incorporated in 1996:

  • Listed on Cyprus Stock Exchange ( ‘CSE’) since 1999 (ticker symbol [SFS]) with over 5,500 shareholders;

  • The largest non-banking financial group of companies actively engaged in shipping, real estate, capital markets, venture capital and private equity since 2000;

  • One of the largest real estate owners in Cyprus; actively involved in developments, management and renovation; and

  • Employs a range of professional staff in real estate management, financial & investment services, venture capital & private equity management.